07.25.17 | Episode 521

Peggy Smedley addresses why data breaches are costing the United States more than anywhere else in the world. She examines how industries like finance, healthcare, construction, and manufacturing are set to experience breaches by cybercriminals and says they must not turn a blind eye when finding a better way to be prepared.

07.18.17 | Episode 520

Peggy Smedley reiterates that the IoT is relatively untested, and no business big and small is immune to a cyberattack. She details a current experiment that tested how cybercriminals penetrated a company’s security system and discusses how companies are not taking the proper steps to keep data safe, whether lacking a budget or poor handling of usernames and passwords.

07.11.17 | Episode 519

Lisa Tuttle, chief information security officer, SPX Corp., talks about how IoT is moving across the line between manufacturing and security, especially with embedded controllers that can detect when parts are ready to fail. She explains how building security solutions by design must become a larger component when establishing effective security standards for consumers, businesses, and manufacturers.

06.27.17 | Episode 518

Danielle George, professor of radio frequency engineering, University of Manchester, talks transitioning her work in wireless tech for U.K. space stations to helping farmers gain a better understanding of crops and weeds before they begin to grow. She anticipates that along with agriculture and aerospace, wireless sensors pose major potential to detect early signs of cancer and other life-threatening conditions.

06.20.17 | Episode 517

Sara Gardner, IoT VP and CTO, Hitachi Insight Group, discusses the balance of approaching IoT platforms in the eyes of both the consumer as well as the developer. She dives into her work across the pond, reinventing the way trains are delivered to citizens across Europe as well as leveraging analytics to improve predictive maintenance for a range of industrial assets.

06.13.17 | Episode 516

Peggy Smedley zeroes on women in engineering and discusses the challenges and experiences they face as they navigate their careers in the space. As more women pursue jobs in these industries, she looks at how gender roles and workplace discrimination are affecting their decision to maintain their professions.

06.06.17 | Episode 515

Peggy Smedley kicks off the month of June honoring the 2017 Women of M2M and how women have risen to become developers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and more in the IoT space. She explains how despite advancement challenges, many of these women continue to lead in innovations as well as reach out to others looking to begin careers in the industry.

05.30.17 | Episode 514

Peggy Smedley opens the show with a discussion on hiring challenges and economic uncertainties that are hindering the construction industry. She further examines a generational gap that is failing to attract or entice younger workers, a wait-and-see approach currently being done toward infrastructure, and a way for contractors to manage an influx of data on the job.

05.23.17 | Episode 513

Peggy Smedley explains how the emerging trend of green building is not just limited to the work done on the jobsite, as it can extend all the way to the design and planning processes. She further takes a look at modular building that can lead to more efficient results for smart cites and how telematics is enabling the equipment rental markets to become more transparent.

05.16.17 | Episode 512

Peggy Smedley says construction is one industry that is leading the adoption of the IoT (Internet of Things). She says BIM (building information modeling) gives stakeholders the ability to visualize every aspect of a project from the beginning. Along with digital collaboration and data analytics, she explains how this will allow them to make more effective decisions about project problems, employee productivity, safety, and machine maintenance.