12.06.16 | Episode 484

Peggy talks about motor vehicle deaths during the holidays, and explains motor vehicle deaths are expected to be higher this year. She says if we aren’t going to regulate ourselves, others will have to regulate us instead, explaining sometimes we need an extra nudge to make our roads safer.

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11.29.16 | Episode 483

Segment 1 Peggy Smedley, IoT Industry Expert, Specialty Publishing Company Peggy says smart shelves can detect when a product is running low, which means a customer can identify what they are looking seeking. She says beyond the customer experience, the IoT (Internet of Things) can help as retailers optimize business, with one example being [...]

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11.22.16 | Episode 482

Peggy asks the question: Is biometrics really ready for primetime? She says given the cybersecurity landscape, it is tempting to fall in love with the concept of biometrics. However, she explains while Google is investing in biometrics, there are a lot of complications to think about and a lot of naysayers out there.

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11.18.16 | Episode 481

Peggy identifies trends related to project management, integration, and mobility. She says effective project management has always been key on construction projects, but what is changing is how technology is leveraged by field staff. She says integration is key in construction, and Procore is addressing this.

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11.15.16 | Episode 480

Peggy starts the show by talking about biometrics, and says the need for accurate and secure identification of a user’s identity extends far beyond just mobile devices. She says authentication in smartphones will pave the way for other applications in homes and cars. She talks about research on brainprints, which uses brain wave responses to different stimuli.

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11.08.16 | Episode 479

Segment 1 Peggy Smedley, IoT Industry Expert, Specialty Publishing Company Peggy starts the show by talking about the widespread wearing out of voting machines as a major concern among American voters. She explains voting technology is the next big issue in election administration in the U.S., and elections seem stuck in the past. [...]

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11.02.16 | Episode 478

Peggy says, as an industry, we need to jump ahead of the curve and be proactive around cybersecurity. She explains a new study suggests end users are leery when it comes to connected-device security, and there is a need for more education around cybersecurity.

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10.25.16 | Episode 477

Peggy talks about how smart cities use better resources, explaining they are more accessible and convenient for citizens and visitors, as well as more economically competitive. She says one of the latest research studies shows that roughly half of government officials say the IoT (Internet of Things) will provide value.

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10.18.16 | Episode 476

Peggy talks about some of the industrial Internet of Things hurdles and says skimping on security is the riskiest move in the long haul. She explains she can’t think of a single industry that can afford to skip the Internet of Things, and therefore can’t afford to skip security. She addresses the importance of standards in the industrial IoT.

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10.11.16 | Episode 475

Peggy says the industrial IoT (Internet of Things) started out as a way to improve operational efficiency, but today it is so much more. She explains the IIOT (industrial IoT) is a tool for finding growth in unexpected opportunities. She talks about some of the new innovations including predictive maintenance and AI (artificial intelligence).

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