03.14.17 | Episode 503

Peggy talks about the growing innovations in connected healthcare like remote monitoring and virtual visits, and says that infrastructure must adapt in order to bring these capabilities and effectively transfer patient data to and from remote areas in the world. She also says the increased reliance on biosensors will have less to do with diagnosing and treating patients, but more to do with being proactive with chronic illnesses.

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03.07.17 | Episode 502

Peggy takes a look back at the evolution of technology on the jobsite and says the IoT has incited operational changes in the way contractors can get things done. She explains how the introduction of smartphones, apps, and tablets has continued to integrate data more efficiently from the office to jobsite, with much more growth on the way, thanks to new educational sources and the initiative toward a standard data protocol.

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02.28.17 | Episode 501

Peggy talks about the rise of UBI (usage-based insurance), which allows telematics and insurance companies to access driver data that can help determine individual risk and subsequently create personalized policies for each driver. She says although customer acceptance and privacy are still hindering total UBI adoption, good drivers as well as millennials may be more open to the idea of this proposition as a means to monitor harsh breaking and excessive acceleration.

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02.21.17 | Episode 500

Peggy looks at how the industrial revolution has changed to Industry 4.0, enabling cyber-physical systems to communicate with one another as well as humans to improve operations, lower downtime, and maintain asset and quality control. She then examines how micro markets will continue to evolve with the introduction of smart vending machines and the growing trend of craft breweries.

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02.14.17 | Episode 499

Peggy begins the show by discussing how new regulatory compliances are driving the growing demand for vehicle telematics solutions like GPS (global positioning system), mobile asset tracking, and fleet management. She says the ability to document and prevent driver safety and performance issues creates a new level of transparency and accountability that was not there before.

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02.07.17 | Episode 498

Peggy talks about what the U.S. Dept. of Transportation has in store this year with the introduction of new Secretary, Elaine Chao. Peggy dives into its newly proposed 5-year plan, which is set to focus on reducing distracted driving, decongesting roads, lowering carbon emissions, and revitalizing highway infrastructure.

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01.31.17 | Episode 497

Peggy discusses how enterprise use of autonomous drones is growing and advancements used by the government will bleed in the commercial and consumer sectors, empowering them to make more effective decisions. She looks at how the use of artificial intelligence in military drones enables them to adapt to one another and operate under one brain with formation flying and self-healing.

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01.24.17 | Episode 496

Peggy begins the show by examining how the IoT (Internet of Things) is continuing to grow in the construction industry, but stresses that interoperability hurdles are holding up adoption. She explains how solution companies have created too many protocols to maintain control of its own ecosystems and that an industrywide standard will enable contractors to take full advantage of jobsite data.

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01.17.17 | Episode 495

Peggy begins the show by taking a look at how predictions made about the connected wearable market hold up nearly half a decade later. She discusses how enterprises like manufacturing, retail, and healthcare may be adopting more diverse wearable options such as smart cameras and glasses that will transform the way we think about work.

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01.10.17 | Episode 494

Peggy starts the show by continuing her discussion on what’s to come in smart cities this year—from monitoring traffic downtown to saving energy in airports. She says a testing ground for connected infrastructure in Las Vegas is a great example of how the IoT can be advantageous to cities in particular locations.

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