01.31.17 | Episode 497

Peggy discusses how enterprise use of autonomous drones is growing and advancements used by the government will bleed in the commercial and consumer sectors, empowering them to make more effective decisions. She looks at how the use of artificial intelligence in military drones enables them to adapt to one another and operate under one brain with formation flying and self-healing.

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01.24.17 | Episode 496

Peggy begins the show by examining how the IoT (Internet of Things) is continuing to grow in the construction industry, but stresses that interoperability hurdles are holding up adoption. She explains how solution companies have created too many protocols to maintain control of its own ecosystems and that an industrywide standard will enable contractors to take full advantage of jobsite data.

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01.17.17 | Episode 495

Peggy begins the show by taking a look at how predictions made about the connected wearable market hold up nearly half a decade later. She discusses how enterprises like manufacturing, retail, and healthcare may be adopting more diverse wearable options such as smart cameras and glasses that will transform the way we think about work.

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01.10.17 | Episode 494

Peggy starts the show by continuing her discussion on what’s to come in smart cities this year—from monitoring traffic downtown to saving energy in airports. She says a testing ground for connected infrastructure in Las Vegas is a great example of how the IoT can be advantageous to cities in particular locations.

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01.05.17 | Episode 493

Victor Melfi Jr., chief strategy officer, VoiceBox, says brand-sensitive people want to use technology to differentiate their product. He says a company like CostCo should be concerned that people are using their voice to buy products with Alexa.

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01.05.17 | Episode 492

Sujata Neidig, vice president of marketing, Thread Group, says it has developed a protocol that is IP based and mesh, has security, is low powered, and is scalable. She explains the promise of IoT is more than just connectivity, as the devices in the homes need to have an impact on their lifestyle.

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01.05.17 | Episode 491

Chris Meering, Worldwide IoT Business Development Manager, HP Enterprise, talks about the connected car, V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle), V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure), and V2C (vehicle-to-cloud) services. He points to an example of black ice and how realtime data about the ice can be sent to the cloud and send a warning to other vehicles on the road.

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01.05.17 | Episode 490

Peggy welcomes listeners to CES 2017, talking about the new Michigan laws that permit driverless vehicles. She says self-driving and connected cars have the potential to reduce more than 90% of accidents, according to the Consumer Technology Assn.

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01.04.17 | Episode 489

Peggy continues the show live from CES 2017, focusing in on trends related to cybersecurity. She says a new report from the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity is taking a great step forward in laying the groundwork for what needs to be done with cybersecurity.

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01.04.17 | Episode 488

Peggy welcomes listeners to CES 2017, laying the groundwork for what listeners can see at the show this week. She says expect to see a lot of big announcements around cybersecurity, manufacturing, smart buildings, and so much more, and believes it is interesting that more than 20 federal government officials are set to speak.

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