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Peggy explains how personal devices threaten the cyber security of a business, and how private and corporate networks may not be as secure as they should.

Finally, Peggy talks about the Google Glass shakeout and crazy connected wearables that we really do need, but it’s all about price.

Peggy Smedley questions whether we have lost control of our cybersecurity and whether corporate America is taking the necessary steps to recognize today’s breed of sophisticated hackers? 

Peggy Smedley says the Consumer Electronic Show is a playground for those looking for the next big thing while being truly an innovators dream come to life.

Dipul Patel, cofounder and CEO, Ecovent, made a product that heats your house more efficiently, saving the environment as well as your money. 

Michael Wallace, partner, Pure Imagination discusses his company, perfect bake and smart home products. 

Rob Wolff, inventory demand planner, Binatone Global, discusses the scout 5000, which has a GPS tracker and live streams video of what your dog is seeing.

Ian Twin, communications director, Fitbug, discusses his new app KIQPLAN, a 12-week digital program with interactive coaches, nutritionists, and motivational gurus.

Eran Eshed, cofounder and vice president of business development, Altair Semiconductor, continues to talk about his companies impact on the 4G market and the evolution of LTE connected consumer electronics.

Laura Mitchell, chief marketing officer, GrandCare Systems, discusses the digital health industry and her company’s shift towards patient centered care.

Andrew Whydell, director of product planning and global electronics, TRW, discusses the explosion of interest in automated driving in the automotive industry and the evolution of driverless-car technology. 

Eran Eshed, cofounder and vice president of business development, Altair Semiconductor, talks about his company’s impact on the 4G market and the evolution of LTE connected consumer electronics.

Aamir Ahmed, Uconnect marketing manager, FCA US, talks about the Uconnect software in Chrysler cars and the importance of infotainment to automakers.

Ayeshah Abuelhiga,connected vehicle services specialist, Audi of America, talks about Audi A8’s more convenient features, where the connected car market is headed, and what’s on the horizon for Audi. 

Peggy Smedley discusses cyber threats, cloud-based services and the connected car.

Chris Penrose, senior vice president of the Internet of Things, AT&T, discusses the reorganization of AT&T and how far away we are from the smart city.

Dr. Christy Lane, cofounder and COO, Vivametrica, talks about what she’s seen so far at CES and how data analysis from wearable devices can improve healthcare.

Peggy Smedley talks about unmanned aerial vehicles, its commercial potential, and the restrictions that need to placed on its use.

Peggy Smedley discusses Ericsson ConsumerLab predictions and streamed video versus broadcast TV.

Bob Summers, chief geek, Fitnet, discusses how his new app will help you get fitter five minutes at a time, and explains what exactly a chief geek is.

Tal Kryzpow, vice president of product management, eyesight, explains the technology behind his device that can be activated without touch.

Andrew Poliak, global director of business development, QNX, explains its software platform and discusses automotive connectivity trends for 2015 and beyond.

Peggy Smedley takes a closer look at the wearables devices on display and CES and discusses their impact on the consumer and the industry as a whole.

Bob McKeeman, CEO, Utility, continues his discussion on body-worn technology with Peggy Smedley, explaining how they will change law enforcement. 

Peggy Smedley discusses Volvo, POC, and Ericsson’s innovative safety technology that will allow communications between cyclists and drivers.

Peggy Smedley highlights what has happened at CES so far and what we can expect to see in the rest of the show.

Bob McKeeman, CEO, Utility, discusses his company’s, body-worn cameras and their uses for law-enforcement officers.

Jim Barry, media spokesperson, CEA (Consumer Electronics Assn.), explains the good work introduces listeners to the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and what it takes to assemble such a gathering.

Zhenni Wu, business development manager, EPIC Smart Manufacturing, introduces listeners to her new line of watches and wristbands, which sync with your phone to monitor your heartrate.