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Peggy Smedley discusses data breaches at UPS and Community Health Systems, as well as how many U.S. organizations have encountered hacking troubles since the start of 2014.

Mark Brooks, senior research engineer, Southwest Research Institute, explains the importance of embedded security and what security issues does the automobile industry face.

Peggy Smedley discusses how a company can move up on Google’s search rankings, the problems with waiting to inform others of a security breach, and the importance of creating a secure password.

Greg Smith, CEO, Koolspan, tells of the rapid growth of Koolspan, trends in the area of mobile security, and how recent hacking scandals have altered the mobile security business. 

Peggy Smedley discusses three new pieces of legislation designed to bolster cybersecurity efforts and looks at a major data breach which affected more than 1 billion records and a half a billion email addresses.

Glenn Schleicher, senior deirector of services, Cisco, breaks down his company’s IoE (Internet of Everything) strategy, where the IoE will be in 10 years, and what challenges lie ahead in getting there.

Peggy Smedley discusses the chaos cyber attacks can create on the nation’s infrastructure and businesses, as well as the importance of education in battling this threat.

John Carbone, senior advisor and engineering fellow, Raytheon, talks about digital perimeters, the financial risks associated with security breaches, and who is doing the best in addressing cyber security. 

Lieutenant General James McLaughlin talks about the mission of the 24th Air Force, team work to accomplish the mission, and San Antonio’s becoming “Cyber City, USA.”

Lieutenant General James McLaughlin talks to Peggy Smedley about what businesses can do to educate customers on cyber threats and what he wants to accomplish as Deputy Commander of U.S. Cyber Command.

Peggy Smedley discusses Singapore’s new crowdfunding effort, what Jibo is, and how Jon Stewart plans to purchase CNN through Kickstarter.

Peggy Smedley looks ahead to next month’s topic which will center around cybersecurity, featuring a special interview with the new Deputy Commander of U.S. Cyber Command, Lieutenant General James McLaughlin. 

Peggy Smedley addresses IBM’s partnership with Apple, TeenSafe’s program to help parents monitor their child’s mobile device, and a crowdfunding effort to set a record for “World’s Fastest Hot Tub.”

John Dimatos, lead for technology and design, Kickstarter, tells of how Kickstarter is having an effect on the technology landscape and the advantages of using crowdfunding over venture capital funding.

Peggy Smedley looks at the success rates of entrepreneurs using crowdfunding and what happens to the money once a pledge has been made.

Peggy Smedley breaks down the numbers regarding the current state of crowdfunding operations and what projections are saying about the future of the industry.

Peggy Smedley examines Microsoft aligning itself with the AllSeen Alliance to create standards for a common platform to be used by connected devices in the home.

Peggy Smedley breaks down the numbers regarding the current state of crowdfunding operations and what projections are saying about the future of the industry.

Peggy Smedley defines what “crowdfunding” is, examines the growth of the industry in the last few years, and tells which categories produce the most users of the service.

Peggy Smedley describes how crowdfunding is filling niches in the marketplace and talks about two products which fit that bill. 

Peggy Smedley looks at the growing use of mobile apps, smartphones, and other technologies in the construction industry.

Grady Slane, ShareFile product marketing manager, Citrix, offers his thoughts on how construction companies can use ShareFile and how it’s different from other file sharing companies. 

Peggy Smedley discusses the Dept. of Energy’s INTEGRATE project and looks into the growth of smart-device technology in the Middle East. 

Nayeem Hussain, cofounder, Keen Home, talks about the future of the connected home as well as who some of the key players will be in the space.

Peggy Smedley dissects how tech companies did in the Newsweek Green Rankings and explains what Tesla’s motivation was in releasing their patents.

Sonita Lontoh, head of global public affairs, Trilliant, tells of what new innovation opportunities exist in the smart connected energy space.

Peggy Smedley explains AGT’s work with Cisco in developing the “Smart City Global Alliance,” and tells of Phillips new connected lighting system.

Warren Westrup, director of solutions engineering, Verizon Enterprise Solutions, tells why LTE is impacting the IoT (Internet of Things) and which vertical markets will benefit the most.

Peggy Smedley examines Apple’s home-automation software platform, Home Kit, and Google’s progress in creating its autonomous car prototypes.

Tom Noonan, general manager, EnergyWise Solutions, Cisco Systems, sheds light on what EnergyWise is and how Cisco is using it to help people manage their energy consumption habits.