Episode #313


Peggy opens up the show examining several myths involving distracted driving such as talking on a cellphone is no different than talking to a passenger, and drivers on cellphones have quicker response times than intoxicated motorists. Peggy looks into reasons and numbers related to the under reporting of accidents involving cellphones.

Liza Barth, associate editor for autos with Consumer Reports magazine, tells how important a new law is requiring automakers to install rear-visibility technology in all cars by 2018; also, Liza discusses what are the essential safety items cars should have for the future.

Visible law enforcement and education are two keys to eliminating distracted driving according to Kara Macek, communications manager with the GHSA. In addition, she addresses what is happening on the national level to bring awareness to distracted driving.

While neither is a good option, is it possible that driving under the influence is actually safer than distracted driving? Peggy delves into several studies done on the subject as well as several law enforcement efforts being used this month to crack down on distracted drivers.