10.20.15| Episode 411, Segment 4 – Innovation is Disruption


Peggy and Tim Lindner, senior business consultant, Voxware, talk about how companies are selected to put on the list. He says innovation is disruption and disruption is certainly a step forward, and quotes his favorite author, saying that the future is already here, it is just not evenly distributed.

10.13.15 | Episode 409, Segment 4 – Unique Products in the Marketplace

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Amrit Vivekanand, vice president automotive, Renesas Electronics America, joins the show to discuss the excitement from the show and what he is hearing from partners. Vin D’Agostino, vice president general purpose products unit, Renesas Electronics America, adds the excitement from the show is that everyone feels like someone has heard them and they feel empowered to make their product unique in the marketplace.