Segment 1

Peggy Smedley, IoT Industry Expert, Specialty Publishing Media

Peggy Smedley shares about emerging tech trends that will help shape the IoT (Internet of Things). She says a big-picture trend that is shaping the IoT is how technology is being used to solve key societal issues such as clean drinking water. In particular, blockchain can serve humanitarian efforts. She points to the example of thousands of refugees in Jordan paying for food using blockchain. She says companies need to start by looking for ways technology can help solve pain points for customers.

Segment 2

Ken Harris, managing partner, Cadent Consulting

Peggy and Ken Harris, managing partner, Cadent Consulting, talk about the advances in AI (artificial intelligence), blockchain, and digital twins for the food industry. He explains that retailers are beginning to use AI to understand the purchase cycles of consumers. Also, blockchain is one example of a supply-chain initiative that is happening right now, as big-box retailers are using it for tracking. He says that fear is not a strategy and neither is hope—and between those two is reality.

Segment 3

Dr. Cathy Kapica, founder and CEO, The Awegrin Institute

Peggy and Dr. Cathy Kapica, founder and CEO, The Awegrin Institute, discuss why food science is important—and how technology factors in. She says 2020 is the next update of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines, and they are the foundation of health nutrition and health messaging. She adds that food is the original medicine, and food does not become nutrition until it is eaten, and that artificial intelligence has helped to bring a more affordable and safe food supply.