Segment 1

Peggy Smedley, IoT Industry Expert, Specialty Publishing Company

Peggy discusses how enterprise use of autonomous drones is growing and advancements used by the government will bleed in the commercial and consumer sectors, empowering them to make more effective decisions. She looks at how the use of artificial intelligence in military drones enables them to adapt to one another and operate under one brain with formation flying and self-healing.

Segment 2

Kurt Nantkes, senior vice president, Zonar

Kurt Nantkes, senior vice president, Zonar, gives his recommendations on how companies prepare for the upcoming ELD (electronic logging device) mandate that will shift the regulation of trucking hours from paper to digital. For companies with limited budgets and more integration challenges, he suggests a crawl, walk, run approach that will give them enough leeway to effectively adopt ELDs within fleets.

Segment 3

Duane Kobayashi, IP counsel, Senseware

Duane Kobayashi, IP counsel, Senseware, says since sensors have become more of a commodity in smart cities, the novelty phase has transitioned to a focus of finding solutions that meet the particular need of specific buildings. He explains the challenge ahead is retrofitting buildings with low-cost solutions to ensure they never go out of date throughout the building’s lifecycle.

Segment 4

Peggy Smedley, IoT Industry Expert, Specialty Publishing Company

Peggy says although there has yet to be any direct legislation related to the IoT (Internet of Things), the rise of the new administration and initiatives within construction and transportation will surely leave an impression. Furthermore, she takes a look how major universities are using their own cities as “living laboratories” to accelerate technological adoption, as well as seek new opportunities and translate concepts effectively into the real world.