Segment 1

Robert Schmid, chief IoT technologist, Deloitte Digital

Peggy kicks off her show at PTC’s LiveWorx, giving a glimpse into what is happening at the show. She starts by chatting with Robert Schmid, chief IoT technologist, Deloitte Digital, known as “Mr. IoT.” He explains that the consumer-side of digital has been driving the business-side of digital and recommends thinking big, starting small, and scaling fast. Schmid speaks specifically about manufacturing and how going digital can help them be more efficient. He also explains that we are going to see a stronger push to the cloud and the edge.

Segment 2

David Breaugh, Americas lead for manufacturing and resources, Microsoft

Peggy and David Breaugh, Americas lead for manufacturing and resources, Microsoft, discuss the challenges in manufacturing today and how the IoT can help. He suggests starting small, moving fast, and recognizing there is no perfection. They discuss the importance of involving people in digital transformation and being able to pull in the people that create the value is critical. He jokes that what is old is new again, and that he worked in supply chain when it used to be cool and that it is cool again.

Segment 3

Eric Schaeffer, senior managing director, Accenture

Peggy and Eric Schaeffer, senior managing director, Accenture, talk about how digital technologies are changing the entire experience and that today consumers and businesses are more interested in the outcomes, rather than the features of the product. He says we are at the beginning of the journey and recommends the steps for manufacturers to take. He suggests that a key component is to partner.

Segment 4 

Terri Lewis, director of digital for power generation, Caterpillar

Peggy and Terri Lewis, director of digital for power generation, Caterpillar, talk about connecting product with people. She shares that the transformation is in the process and changing business. Further, she says Caterpillar spends a lot of time watching how people operate and identify the transformation in the process. She also talks about her experience visiting a diamond mine.

Segment 5 

Paul Roehrig, global head of strategy, Cognizant Digital Business

Peggy and Paul Roehrig, global head of strategy, Cognizant Digital Business, talk about the difference between leaders and laggards—and that the cost of being behind goes up the farther behind you get. He suggests to be focused, start smaller, and when you find what works, then you can scale. He also recommends to determine what process or experience you are going to start with first. Bottomline: sitting still is the riskiest step you can take.

Segment 6 

Joe Barkai, consultant, speaker, author, and blogger

Peggy and consultant, speaker, author, and blogger, Joe Barkai, talk about the concept of the lights out factory, and that there are going to be two living creatures in the factory. He says today we put more focus on learning and that part of the future is self-learning systems. He also details that with so much data comes responsibility, issues, and biases.

Segment 7 

Sachin Lulla, principal, advisory services. EY

Peggy and Sachin Lulla, principal, advisory services, EY, talk about the IoT and digital transformation and the rapid shift in disruptive technologies. He also says it is time to get out of pilot purgatory and that we need to move beyond a first-to-market mindset. He suggests that we need to standardize before we digitize.

Segment 8 

Peggy Smedley, IoT Industry Expert, Specialty Publishing Media

Peggy wraps up the first day at PTC’s LiveWorx by talking about what she has seen and heard around the show, giving a recap of the day’s events and guests. She shares her thoughts on digital transformation and the impact on manufacturing.