Segment 1

Peggy Smedley, IoT Industry Expert, Specialty Publishing Media

Peggy Smedley says research suggests the global blockchain in energy market will grow tremendously in the next decade. For example, in countries like Japan, utilities are testing blockchain tech to determine the value it can offer. She also says there are seven different uses for this technology in energy. She adds that blockchain can help address some of the core challenges in the healthcare industry. Finally, she says blockchain will make an impact in the near future on elections as well.

Segment 2

Carol Bartucci, president, Crisp Consulting

Peggy is joined by Carol Bartucci, president, Crisp Consulting, who says her goal is to really help people with IT—including developing a strategy and planning. She says companies can do a five-year plan, but they have to be constantly reevaluating it. She says it is good to do pilots and proofs of concept and it is essential to have integration with existing systems. The reality is people don’t like failure because it sets them back and there is a loss of money, but sometimes companies have to go through multiple iterations. She suggests setting expectations. Still, she says the challenge is companies take a leap, buy new technology, invest in a new product, and it doesn’t deliver—and it takes months for it to work. When it comes to women in the industry, she says women don’t understand the roles. Today, we need to get more people to be involved—and high school is almost a little bit too late. Finally, she says trying to get everyone to agree on a forward path is hard.

Segment 3

Chris Westfall, author, Leadership Language: Using Authentic Communication to Drive Results

Peggy and Chris Westfall, author, Leadership Language: Using Authentic Communication to Drive Results, talk about communication, and he says just because you say something doesn’t mean you should. Communication is key to success or unintended consequences. If you want to create a message with impact, you have to focus on leadership language. He points to a statistic: 69% of managers surveyed were uncomfortable talking to employees for any reason. It is creating an atmosphere where we are afraid to communicate. The importance of communication can’t be understated, he says.