Segment 1

Peggy Smedley, IoT Industry Expert, Specialty Publishing Media

Peggy Smedley shares six startups that are making a mark in key industries. She highlights: a device that can help enterprises protect their computer-held data; a cybersecurity platform for industrial; a startup offering realtime edge intelligence for the IIoT; a platform that monitors factory floor production efficiency; a smart road system; and a company that’s commercializing technology that harvests energy from radio-frequency signals with the goal of powering low-consumption IoT devices.

Segment 2

Matthew Lange, food and health informatician, UC Davis

Peggy and 2019 Pioneer Matthew Lange, food and health informatician, UC Davis, joins the show to talk about his path in the food industry and technology. He explains that today the industry needs a standard language for food—and that IC-Foods is building a standardized infrastructure. He points to the example of healthcare, where there is a language to encode information inside of medical records—and that is needed in the food industry. He says we need to devote the energy to develop a software infrastructure for food like we have in other industries.

Segment 3

Manoj Karkee, associate professor, Washington State University

Peggy and 2019 Pioneer Manoj Karkee, associate professor, Washington State University, talk about the explosion of people in the coming years—and how it will lead to a greater demand for food. He explains that we need to develop technologies to apply the right amount of input at the right time. Further, advances in AI (artificial intelligence) and deep learning can automate farming.