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10.10.17 | Episode 532

October 10th, 2017|0 Comments


4 hours ago
Author @GaryMorton6 and I get serious about teams and innovation on my show. Check it out Tuesday 12:45 PM CT. https://t.co/SuhgeJqL89 #TPSS
5 hours ago
Find out why certain regions are adopting smart meters faster than others. Today 12:30 PM CT. https://t.co/SuhgeJqL89 #TPSS #IoT #M2M
6 hours ago
I zero in on smart meter adoption, and some stirring controversy that may hold it back. Today 12:00 PM CT. https://t.co/SuhgeJqL89 #TPSS
2 days ago
Are we second guessing when it comes to autonomous driving? https://t.co/JlqO4iMNXb #IoT #M2M


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