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11.21.17 | Episode 538

Peggy Smedley continues the month of remote monitoring with an extensive look at how it is impacting healthcare and ensuring more value to patients and physicians when it comes to regular visits. She says this, along with virtual care, will ease the burden on the healthcare systems, allowing more people to get the help they need.

11.14.17 | Episode 537

Peggy Smedley discusses recent mass shootings and other tragedies from the angle of IoT (Internet of Things). She explains how tech companies and first responders are teaming up on new training and exercises across various public locations to leverage IoT for improved situational awareness.

11.07.17 | Episode 536

Peggy Smedley starts a new month focusing on remote monitoring and explains how it offers ways of tackling age-old challenges based on realtime information. She singles out agriculture as an industry that is leveraging remote monitoring to address plant health and the crop’s exposure to chemicals and pesticides.

10.31.17 | Episode 535

Peggy Smedley caps off the month with a look at how new transportation models for electric and autonomous vehicles will give way to new needs within the smart grid. She expects that electric vehicles will establish new global power demands in the coming years and cities must move toward robust and wireless charging infrastructure.

10.24.17 | Episode 534

Peggy Smedley exclaims that utility poles are due for a major connected upgrade and suggests that equipping them with sensors and predictive technology will lead to more integration with the smart grid. She predicts they will become part of the grids themselves to support communication and energy services for a variety of areas.

10.17.17 | Episode 533

Peggy Smedley looks at how smart meters can help businesses and individuals monitor energy use in realtime. She discusses how government initiatives and distribution efficiency are increasing global smart-meter adoption, while other factors are holding some countries back.

10.10.17 | Episode 532

Peggy Smedley takes a look at the development of smart-grid awareness and standards overseas. She says that piecing different standards together will not hold up for the future and explains that different utility equipment must be able to cooperate with one another with ease.

10.03.17 | Episode 531

Peggy Smedley explains how power operations and the ability to monitor potential outages are driving factors in smart-grid adoption. As energy use is set to increase drastically, she looks at how the IoT will enable smart grids to be more transparent by isolating incidents remotely and automatically igniting the restoration process.

09.26.17 | Episode 530

Peggy Smedley looks at how developing nations are leveraging sensors to manage rising flood and precipitation levels that can cause extensive damage to infrastructure. She also talks about data taken by smart meters that can assess hand washing habits to allow for better water and sanitation practices.

09.19.17 | Episode 529

Peggy Smedley talks about mobile solutions that enable patients in developing nations to virtually connect with physicians when they cannot leave their home. She says mHealth can even diagnose infectious diseases and perform ultrasounds from images and data shared via wireless and Wi-Fi connectivity.