09.19.17 | Episode 529

Peggy Smedley talks about mobile solutions that enable patients in developing nations to virtually connect with physicians when they cannot leave their home. She says mHealth can even diagnose infectious diseases and perform ultrasounds from images and data shared via wireless and Wi-Fi connectivity.

09.12.17 | Episode 528

Peggy Smedley talks about the potential for IoT in assisting developing nations in social and economic problems. She says these areas of the world will contribute greatly to development of IoT infrastructure to combat civil unrest, pollutions, and natural disasters, while improving areas such as healthcare and education.

09.05.17 | Episode 527

Peggy Smedley talks about how vehicle-to-infrastructure solutions will send critical traffic and safety information directly to individual drivers. She examines new research exploring the benefits of these solutions and questions who will fund them and who will be held responsible in the event of a system’s failure.

08.29.17 | Episode 526

Peggy Smedley looks at how advancements in technology designed for the supply chain is making its way to major retail stores. She says new solutions are altering how and why we buy, and then looks at new investments being made in sensors to track inventory and customer habits.

08.22.17 | Episode 525

Peggy Smedley delves deep into new research suggesting new vulnerabilities in the Dept. of Defense. She explains as the IoT continues to grow, new entry points are created, which are forcing the DOD to rethink its approach to supply-chain threats.

08.15.17 | Episode 524

Peggy Smedley reacts to new research that addresses a shift in focus on the viability of wearables. She explains that there will be a transition from consumers to enterprise and that wearables will become a part of a strategy to develop a connected factory.

08.08.17 | Episode 523

Peggy Smedley talks about a new legislation that clamps down on cybersecurity in manufacturing in order to provide more reliability to IoT (Internet of Things) devices and keep sensitive data safe. She hopes this goes beyond market benefits for vendors to enable governments and bipartisan efforts in national safety to move forward.

08.01.17 | Episode 522

Peggy Smedley explains that although Industry 4.0 is converging technologies across different verticals to reduce costs and expand portfolios, the workforce must not be ignored. She explains how investing in IoT for companies goes beyond financial means, as there needs to be major efforts in time, resources, training, education, and much more to ensure effective integration.

07.25.17 | Episode 521

Peggy Smedley addresses why data breaches are costing the United States more than anywhere else in the world. She examines how industries like finance, healthcare, construction, and manufacturing are set to experience breaches by cybercriminals and says they must not turn a blind eye when finding a better way to be prepared.

07.18.17 | Episode 520

Peggy Smedley reiterates that the IoT is relatively untested, and no business big and small is immune to a cyberattack. She details a current experiment that tested how cybercriminals penetrated a company’s security system and discusses how companies are not taking the proper steps to keep data safe, whether lacking a budget or poor handling of usernames and passwords.