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02.13.18 | Episode 549

Peggy Smedley identifies hurdles and milestones for EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), explaining we still have a ways to go in what compliance really means—and the May deadline is just around the corner. She says uncertainty can be very costly and too many businesses remain unprepared and they will pay big time for it.

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02.06.18 | Episode 548

Peggy Smedley says the vulnerability in security in IoT (Internet of Things) devices is leading to new regulations. She talks about the EU GDPR (general data protection regulation), explaining that it will replace the previous directive. The new one aims to protect citizens by directing how organizations should store personal data. She says the new is the law of the land, which means there are consequences for not following the law.

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01.30.18 | Episode 547

Peggy Smedley says enterprise needs IoT (Internet of Things) technologies to stay competitive. In particular, robotics are making a mark on industries like manufacturing with benefits including quality and safety. She wagers that during the next five years we are going to see a huge boon in robot adoption in warehouse and logistics.

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01.23.18 | Episode 546

Peggy Smedley asks the question: Should IoT (Internet of Things) companies invest in blockchain? She says blockchain will change the game for businesses, explaining that if you are an IoT company, you need blockchain. However, there is a growing surface of attacks and the prize is getting bigger for the bad guys, while the burden is growing for the good guys to keep their systems and data secure.

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01.16.18 | Episode 545

Peggy Smedley helps listeners understand blockchain. She says blockchain technology makes cryptocurrency different from regular currency because it provides an open, distributed, and public ledger for bitcoin transactions. Also, she addresses how blockchain is poised for tremendous growth as the technology matures, and as industries find new ways to leverage it.

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01.11.18 | Live from CES 2018

Peggy is joined by Dr. Kevan Orvitz, founder and CEO, MEGAComfort; Labinot Bytyqi, founder and CEO, Solaborate; Jeff Hojlo, program director, product innovation strategies, IDC; James Stansberry, SVP and GM of ARTIK of IoT, Samsung Electronics; and Daniel Cooley, SVP and GM of IoT Products, Silicon Labs from CES 2018.

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01.10.18 | Live from CES 2018

Peggy interview Robin Raskin, founder, Living in Digital Times; Vin D'Agostino, VP strategic marketing and applications engineering, Renesas Electronics America; Hans Overgaard, cofounder and CEO, Danalock; Jemma Green, cofounder and chair, Power Ledger; Alex Manea, CSO, BlackBerry; and Pavan Mathew, director, automotive business development and insurance, LexisNexis Risk Solutions from CES 2018.

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01.09.18 | Episode 544

Peggy Smedley helps us get over our “post-holiday” blues by previewing CES 2018. Peggy expects autonomous cars and AI (artificial intelligence) to dominate the show floor this year with an increased focus on digital security and more. Technology is poised to affect advertising and entertainment in the coming year and Peggy delves into the how and why.

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01.09.18 | Live from CES 2018

Peggy speaks with Jeff Holland, global marketing PR and communications Leader, Electra Meccanica; Sachin Lulla, global vice president auto, A&D Strategy & Solutions Watson, IBM; Heng-Chung Chang, engineer, the Industrial Technology Research Institute; Lou Lutostanski, vice president IoT, Avnet; YC Chung, CEO, Lubn; and Michael Mo, CEO and cofounder, KULR Technology from CES 2018.

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