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03.12.19 | Episode 605

Peggy Smedley says automation is turning industries upside down, narrowing in on customer service. She points to examples in hospitality and fast food and poises the question: How do we prepare workers for a new world in an age of automation? She says we need to talk about how to reskill employees so they can continue to add value to their employers and still find fulfillment in their career.

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03.05.19 | Episode 604

Peggy Smedley explains that the industry is calling for a slowdown and that automation will allow workers to focus on more interesting and rewarding aspects of their jobs. She says some big names have come out in favor of a robot tax to fund human services and balance out income inequality—which could essentially slow innovation down. She adds that automation is going to force us to change the way we tax in the years to come, which could be part of an overarching plan to manage the ripple effects of an automation age.

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02.26.19 | Episode 603

Open source. Inner source. How do the two compare? Peggy Smedley discusses the two. She says some smaller open-source projects do not do thorough security vetting and she asks: what if shared responsibility is keeping us from really being diligent about security? She continues that inner source has benefits such as adding transparency and making code better. In the end, she explains we need to create an open culture in which employees are invited to take part in processes and decisions.

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02.19.19 | Episode 602

Peggy Smedley talks about the American AI Initiative and what the U.S. is doing to preserve its role in innovation. She explains that it is a multipronged approach to maintaining and accelerating America’s leadership in AI and it makes a point of saying it intends to prepare the U.S. workforce to adapt and thrive in this new age of AI. Further, she compares President Trump’s American AI Initiative to former President Obama’s big data initiatives. Calling for action, she says we must come together on important issues to continue to keep innovation moving forward.

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02.12.19 | Episode 601

Peggy Smedley shares examples of how open source is bringing people together to address real-world problems and attracting the next generation of knowledge workers. She explains that trust is an essential component and standards and best practices will help open source grow. She also says the nature of open source is that users can view, change, and distribute source code as necessary or desired.

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02.05.19 | Episode 600

Peggy Smedley celebrates episode 600 of the show by looking back at how the IoT (Internet of Things community has evolved since the podcast first began. She explains that we are changing the world of autonomous vehicles, smart cities, sustainability, infrastructure, construction, manufacturing, agriculture, and more. She also looks forward, suggesting that maybe in 10 more years we’ll be calling the IoT something else entirely. Going forward, don’t expect anything less than steady, continued innovation and evolution.

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01.29.19 | Episode 599

Peggy Smedley covers the topics of AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), and reality-as-a-service. She points to examples in government and customer service, where businesses have benefited from a digital-reality pilot program. She also explains telepresence technology can link experts with technicians who were onsite performing equipment maintenance and how AR can provide key data about a product’s lifecycle.

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01.22.19 | Episode 598

Peggy Smedley talks about how the law is going to play an important role in shaping the cybersecurity landscape going forward. She explains that the lack of awareness about cybersecurity is a real problem in our industry—pointing to one statistic that shows 86% of IT and security decisionmakers say their organizations need to improve their awareness of IoT threats. She recommends IT leaders focus on becoming more aware of cybersecurity.

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01.15.19 | Episode 597

Peggy Smedley dives into the topic of cognitive technologies and how they impact the IoT (Internet of Things). She discusses recent research from Deloitte, which shows roughly 76% of respondents say they expect cognitive technologies to transform their companies in just three years or less, and she explains the business value of cognitive technologies goes beyond cutting costs. Finally, she wraps up with her tip of the week and how to rethink cognitive opportunities for the next 12 months.

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01.10.19 | Live from CES 2019

Live from CES 2019 - Day 3 with guests Rob Carter, Cyberfishing; Tom Couglin, IEEE; Aviad Shnaiderman, Aura Air; Duncan Humphreys, Stream TV Networks; David Selinger, Deep Sentinel; Hendrik Van Asbroeck, ENGIE and Henry Bong, UnaBiz; Kevin Oranje, Zoi; and Alina Zhoga, RAWR.

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