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01.08.19 | Episode 596

Peggy Smedley shares about emerging tech trends that will help shape the IoT (Internet of Things). She says a big-picture trend that is shaping the IoT is how technology is being used to solve key societal issues such as clean drinking water. In particular, blockchain can serve humanitarian efforts. She points to the example of thousands of refugees in Jordan paying for food using blockchain. She says companies need to start by looking for ways technology can help solve pain points for customers.

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01.01.19 | Episode 595

Peggy Smedley kicks off 2019 by looking back at the best podcast from 2018. She says our infrastructure is not as modern as it could be and that sensor systems and predictive analytics need to be applied to manage and maintain our infrastructure—and that this still holds true today and will be another big trend to watch in 2019.

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12.18.18 | Episode 594

Peggy Smedley shares six startups that are making a mark in key industries. She highlights: a device that can help enterprises protect their computer-held data; a cybersecurity platform for industrial; a startup offering realtime edge intelligence for the IIoT; a platform that monitors factory floor production efficiency; a smart road system; and a company that’s commercializing technology that harvests energy from radio-frequency signals with the goal of powering low-consumption IoT devices.

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12.11.18 | Episode 593

Peggy Smedley says the IoT (Internet of Things) is contributing to the greater good, helping create smarter cities, reducing traffic fatalities, and moving toward more patient-centered healthcare. She shares new examples of how AI (artificial intelligence) is helping with mental health coaching, how drones are helping with wildfires, and how a sensing platform can add to society’s environmental intelligence, among others.

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12.04.18 | Episode 592

Peggy Smedley says revenue for AR (augmented reality) devices and content will be $36.4 billion by 2023. But is it all hype? She dives into different use cases of AR in healthcare, transportation, and more. For example, during operation, a surgeon can see what is in front of him or her—and the key data about the patient. She asks listeners to consider AR in their business, and if not, why?

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11.27.18 | Episode 591

Peggy Smedley says BI (business intelligence) is a set of methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful information—and it helps executives make more informed decisions with the help of realtime data. She shares new examples of how experiential learning can help in the classroom and how platforms can leverage AI (artificial intelligence) to turn structured and unstructured data into realtime insights.

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11.20.18 | Episode 590

Peggy Smedley explains that advances in AI (artificial intelligence) and the IoT (Internet of Things) is changing industries like healthcare and manufacturing. She says AI is part of a larger part of digital transformation and that an innovation culture can help employees and leaders seek new ways to solve problems. She cites statistics that show growth, including that jobs requiring AI have increased by 450% since 2013.

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11.13.18 | Episode 589

Peggy Smedley talks about the challenges and opportunities for the digital supply chain—and why the IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (artificial intelligence) is playing a greater role. She points to examples of how manufacturers, retailers, and logistics companies are leveraging technology in today’s on-demand economy. When done right, data can give businesses critical insights that can drive growth and profitability, she says.

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11.06.18 | Episode 588

Peggy Smedley talks about how AR (augmented reality) is impacting the retail sector. She explains AR will be adopted where it will provide the most value and it will explode in this sector in the next several years. She adds that Wal-Mart is leading the way in adopting AR technologies. She says now the company is taking its VR (virtual reality) initiatives further, leveraging headsets that make learning experimental. She says one of the keys to success for retail going forward will be finding ways to integrate the online and store experience.

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10.30.18 | Episode 587

Peggy Smedley says research suggests the global blockchain in energy market will grow tremendously in the next decade. For example, in countries like Japan, utilities are testing blockchain tech to determine the value it can offer. She also says there are seven different uses for this technology in energy. She adds that blockchain can help address some of the core challenges in the healthcare industry. Finally, she says blockchain will make an impact in the near future on elections as well.

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