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Oct 25, 2022

Peggy and John Dyck, CEO, CESMII, and Jeannine Kunz, chief workforce development officer, SME, join the show to talk about the Smart Manufacturing Executive Council. He says we have been working for a while now to pull together a think tank of manufacturing leaders that we believe will help us advance the cause of smart manufacturing. She says both organizations are built on members and mutual interest can leverage all this industry experience to lift the entire ecosystem.

They also discuss:

  • The need for Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing—and the challenges we still face.
  • Where we are now 11 years into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • What is the right roadmap to smart manufacturing.
  • The things that are must-dos for smart manufacturing: people, process, and technology.
  • The importance of the small manufacturer.
  • What comes next on the journey to smart manufacturing.

(10/25/22 - 794)

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