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Jun 18, 2020

Roughly 41 billion devices are expected to come online in 2027. With an extreme amount of IoT (Internet of Things) devices coming online, Peggy and Pamela Cortez, Azure IoT senior PM, Microsoft, talk about Azure RTOS (realtime operating system). She says it is a system software that provides services and manages processor resources for applications.

They also discuss:

  • The Express Logic acquisition and what has come as a result since that time.
  • The various vertical markets that can benefit from devices requiring Azure RTOS.
  • The importance of security for building applications and devices—and how Azure RTOS is secure.
  • Challenges with building IoT solutions and the current IoT skills gap.
  • How to train workers on Azure RTOS, including guides and full training materials, and how to make products easier to use.
  • STEM and the importance of helping younger people become interested in coding and hardware.

(06.16.20 - #673)

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