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Jan 25, 2023

Peggy Smedley and Sebastiaan Laurijsse, global head of industry high tech, ServiceNow, and Jamie Wilkie, senior director for industrial security offerings, Fujitsu, talk about how and why manufacturing is changing today and into the future. Laurijsse asks, what is not changing, saying everything is getting connected and generating a set of data. Wilkie says the way manufacturing is moving, it has a huge contribution to make at a society level in terms of sustainability.

They also discuss:

  • The importance of cybersecurity and how to make products secure.
  • The IT and OT convergence in manufacturing and how the two have very different cultures and mindsets.
  • How ecosystems are changing and how manufacturers need to adapt.

(1/24/23 - 806)

IoT, Internet of Things, Peggy Smedley, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, digital transformation, cybersecurity, blockchain, 5G, cloud, sustainability, future of work, podcast, Sebastiaan Laurijsse, ServiceNow, Jamie Wilkie, Fujitsu

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