Project Description

Optimizing Manufacturing Processes

Peggy is joined by Trisala Chandaria, CEO and cofounder, Temboo, who says one thing that is really important is how to make emerging technologies more available to a wider group of people. She explains that software development and writing code is one of the biggest hurdles today. She says the company spent a lot of time on user experience and making it as easy as entering a field in a form. What has been interesting at Temboo, she explains, is it has been valuable to explore what customers are doing, and what she has observed is there are two types of adoptions or initiatives in IoT: the first is companies like Otis that are looking at how their business models can move into servitization, and it is still very early for that. The second is people retrofitting their existing equipment facility processes and doing it in a way where their current systems stay in place and they are adding on top of it a digital layer to help them with very specific problems that they have identified up front. Those are areas that have adopted the IoT most successfully, she says. She adds that people on the ground that are trying to build and use systems often come from a mechanical background, and that the responsibility of a tech company is to enable a mechanic or service technician to be able to prepare for the next evolution of what their work would look like.