10.09.18 | Episode 584 Segment 3 – Ecosystem: Find Your Support


Ecosystem: Find Your Support Peggy and Josh Peschel, assistant professor, agricultural and biosystems engineering, Iowa State University, says we have been seeing orphaned technology for decades. In some respects, it depends on which part of the technology market, as little guys are more innovative, but have technology that disappears tomorrow, while the big [...]

09.25.18 | Episode 582 Segment 2 – Talkin’ Tech, Hurdles, and Strategies


Peggy is joined by Chris Penrose, president, Internet of Things, AT&T Business, and James Brehm, founder and chief technology evangelist, James Brehm & Associates, who identify the biggest hurdles of the IoT including security, integrating IoT into business, scaling IoT, and lack of talent.