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Oct 25, 2023

Peggy Smedley and Veena Harbaugh, director of sustainability, Sendle, talk about why shipping should be elevated for those who are most concerned about the environment. She says we have tuned in so much to the sustainability aspects of products, but the shipping piece is an invisible layer for some of us. 

They also discuss:

  • That it is only 3% of our global greenhouse gases, but the troubling part is the stats are headed in all the wrong directions.
  • How a good shipping partner can take care of some of the complexity.
  • How to become carbon neutral and go further. 

(10/24/23 - 844)

IoT, Internet of Things, Peggy Smedley, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, digital transformation, cybersecurity, blockchain, 5G, cloud, sustainability, future of work, podcast, Veena Harbaugh, Sendle, worker of tomorrow

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