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    Peggy Smedley talks about a recent survey which reveals how airports are looking into major IT investments to help the “connected traveler,” and mobile priorities for shoppers this holiday season.

    Featuring: Peggy Smedley, editorial director

    11.11.14 | Segment 1 | comment

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    Dan Murphy, head of marketing, Thingworx, and Howard Heppelmann, divisional vice president and general manager, SLM segment, PTC, discuss opportunities created by the IoT/M2M and how it can work to elevate business strategies.

    Featuring: Dan Murphy, Thingworx, and Howard Heppelmann, PTC

    11.11.14 | segment 2 | comment

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    Marc Eisenberg, CEO, ORBCOMM, tells of his company’s most recent acquisition, the role of the company in M2M/IoT, and what global expansion plans are in the offing.

    Featuring: Marc Eisenberg, ORBCOMM

    11.11.14 | segment 3 | comment

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    Lindsay Irvine, global director of strategic partnerships and business development, salesforce.com, explains why the IoT/M2M is exciting right now, how the company plans on capitalizing on it, and what is in store for the wearables market.

    Featuring: Lindsay Irvine, salesforce.com

    11.11.14 | segment 4 | comment


Episode 184 - 4.3.12
John Kestner | Cofounder, Supermechanical
Greggory Garrett | CEO & Managing Director, CGS Advisors
Episode 175 - 1.31.12
Lisa Shaw | Senior Director, Child Internet Safety and Protection, SpectorSoft
Paula Sirois | SpectorSoft Technology Adopter, 
Martin Creaner | CEO and President, TM Forum
Brian Fuller | Editorial Lead, Drive for Innovation, EE Times
Episode 174 - 1.24.12
Tom Thomassen | Senior Manager of Development, Office of the CTO, Symantec


Bryan Leach :
founder | Ibotta
Joe Morris :
president | TransTel Communications Inc.
Chris White :
SVP of IoT/IoE Group | Cisco