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07.18.17 | Episode 520

July 18th, 2017|0 Comments


45 ago
Alex Natividad @nimbusid explains why protective access will do little to prevent breaches. Today 12:30 PM CT. https://t.co/aEg1BkfHLb #TPSS
2 hours ago
I hear from Morgan Wright @govtechnews who talks which critical #infrastructures are at risk. Today 12:15 PM CT. https://t.co/aEg1BjY6TD
3 hours ago
Breaches can happen anywhere, but I discuss which industries have the most to lose. Today 12:00 PM CT. https://t.co/aEg1BkfHLb #TPSS #IoT
17 hours ago
Nadir Izreal and Yevgeny Dibrov @ArmisSecurity discuss taking #IoT #security head on. Tuesday 12:45 PM CT. https://t.co/aEg1BkfHLb
20 hours ago
Alex Natividad @nimbusid and I look back at when poor passwords are a risk. Tuesday 12:30 PM CT. https://t.co/aEg1BjY6TD #TPSS #M2M #IoT
23 hours ago
Morgan Wright @govtechnews rallies awareness for cyber warfare. Tuesday 12:15 PM CT. https://t.co/aEg1BkfHLb #TPSS #IoT #M2M


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