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    Peggy Smedley discusses a setback for Target in its ongoing issues with last year’s cyber breach, and a connected mall in California which is designed to ease the pains of the shopping experience.

    Featuring: Peggy Smedley, editorial director

    12.09.14 | Segment 1 | comment

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    Jonathan Palley, CEO and cofounder, Spire, explains what his fitness product does, how the name came to be, and what separates it from other types of trackers currently on the market. 

    Featuring: Jonathan Palley, Spire

    12.09.14 | segment 2 | comment

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    Aaron Horowitz, CEO and cofounder, Sproutel, talks about his company’s philosophy, who, and what “Jerry the Bear” is designed for, and the response to the toy by the users. 

    Featuring: Aaron Horowitz, Sproutel

    12.09.14 | segment 3 | comment

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    Peggy Smedley answers listener questions involving the future of LTE and 2G, the onslaught of mergers and acquisitions that have taken place, including how Kore was strategic in acquiring Raco Wireless.

    Featuring: Peggy Smedley, editorial director

    12.09.14 | segment 4 | comment


Episode 184 - 4.3.12
John Kestner | Cofounder, Supermechanical
Greggory Garrett | CEO & Managing Director, CGS Advisors
Episode 175 - 1.31.12
Lisa Shaw | Senior Director, Child Internet Safety and Protection, SpectorSoft
Paula Sirois | SpectorSoft Technology Adopter, 
Martin Creaner | CEO and President, TM Forum
Brian Fuller | Editorial Lead, Drive for Innovation, EE Times
Episode 174 - 1.24.12
Tom Thomassen | Senior Manager of Development, Office of the CTO, Symantec


Bryan Leach :
founder | Ibotta
Joe Morris :
president | TransTel Communications Inc.
Chris White :
SVP of IoT/IoE Group | Cisco