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    Peggy Smedley gives the news on Toyota’s decision to focus on safety features instead of the autonomous car, and a Canadian police chief wants penalties for distracted driving to be stiffer than currently constituted.

    Featuring: Peggy Smedley, editorial director

    09.16.14 | Segment 1 | comment

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    Richard Harkness, CEO ADEPT Driver, explains what ADEPT Driver, is the different facets of distracted driving, and how one’s driving behavior is influenced by distracted-driving practices.

    Featuring: Richard Harkness, ADEPT Driver

    09.16.14 | segment 2 | comment

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    Roy Bavaro, board member, National Organizations for Youth Safety, talks about what organizations are doing to curb teen distracted driving, the main problem with teen drivers, and what parents can do to help their teen drivers.

    Featuring: Roy Bavaro, National Organizations for Youth Safety

    09.16.14 | segment 3 | comment

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    Ray Bingham, research professor, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, explains who is distracted, what is distracted driving, and what does the future hold.

    Featuring: Ray Bingham, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute

    09.16.14 | segment 4 | comment


Episode 184 - 4.3.12
John Kestner | Cofounder, Supermechanical
Greggory Garrett | CEO & Managing Director, CGS Advisors
Episode 175 - 1.31.12
Lisa Shaw | Senior Director, Child Internet Safety and Protection, SpectorSoft
Paula Sirois | SpectorSoft Technology Adopter, 
Martin Creaner | CEO and President, TM Forum
Brian Fuller | Editorial Lead, Drive for Innovation, EE Times
Episode 174 - 1.24.12
Tom Thomassen | Senior Manager of Development, Office of the CTO, Symantec


Bryan Sartin :
director of RISK Team | Verizon Enterprise Solutions
Ben Feinstein :
CTU director of operations and development | Dell SecureWorks
Mark Brooks :
senior research engineer | Southwest Research Institute