Episode #311


Peggy begins the program with news about Google’s second foray into the wearable arena with Android Wear as well as a new company called hereO and its device specifically targeted for young children. As the wearable market grows, many questions are being raised as to what direction are wearables headed and who will survive. Peggy examines factors that could make or break these market entrants.

Renee Blodgett, Kolibree, vice president of marketing and social, tells how a connected toothbrush can break down data to help improve brushing habits and open up better communication with your dentist.

States, businesses, and personal devices are attacked everyday by cyber criminals. Dan Lohrmann, the State of Michigan’s chief security officer, looks at ways to safeguard breeches as more companies employ BYOD (bring-your-own-device) programs.

As more devices get connected are we becoming more disconnected, especially with the data in our automobiles? The real question remains: who owns the data? Peggy addresses an effort to put the data in the hands of the vehicle owners and what that means in the debate on privacy.