Segment 1

Peggy Smedley, IoT Industry Expert, Specialty Publishing Media

Peggy Smedley says BI (business intelligence) is a set of methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful information—and it helps executives make more informed decisions with the help of realtime data. She shares new examples of how experiential learning can help in the classroom and how platforms can leverage AI (artificial intelligence) to turn structured and unstructured data into realtime insights.

Segment 2

Buck Bard, chief harbinger, Canary Works

Peggy and Buck Bard, chief harbinger, Canary Works, talk about putting people and process first—and how design thinking factors into digital transformation. He says that design thinking forces us to back up and look at what we are doing, and it can be applied to internal processes or the supply chain. He discusses the big changes happening in manufacturing today and the myth and fog that currently surrounds digital transformation.

Segment 3

James Arthur Ray, Entrepreneur, Author, and Life and Business Coach 

Peggy chats with entrepreneur, author, and life and business coach James Arthur Ray, who says there are three things that we all need to do to lead our life and business more effectively. He suggests that while technology has made things more convenient, it hasn’t made our lives easier. He adds that we have to learn how to redefine ourselves, which is hard.