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06.25.19 | Episode 620

Peggy says 5G is going to impact the future of IoT-enabled medicine, with telemedicine applications flourishing because of 5G. She adds that telehealth could save companies billions of dollars a year and shares an example of how 5G can help enable remote surgery. She continues that today we are talking about the Internet of Skills and we need to be thinking about how AR, VR, and 5G can digitize skills.

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06.18.19 | Episode 619

Peggy says AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) are going to change the workforce. She points to a few sectors that are going to change such as education and retail, with remote work being more possible than ever before. She says retailers are looking for new ways to engage customers in the buying experience. Further, she talks about how 5G will accelerate AR and VR.

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06.11.19 | Live from LiveWorx 2019

Live from LiveWorx 19, day 1, guest include: Robert Schmid, Deloitte Digital, David Breaugh, Microsoft, Eric Schaeffer, Accenture, Terri Lewis, Caterpillar, Paul Roehrig, Cognizant Digital Business, Joe Baraki, JBMC, and Sachin Lulla, Ernst & Young Global Consulting Services.

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06.11.19 | Episode 618

Peggy and Eric Schaeffer, senior managing director, Accenture, talk about how digital technologies are changing the entire experience and that today consumers and businesses are more interested in the outcomes, rather than the features of the product. He says we are at the beginning of the journey and recommends the steps for manufacturers to take. He suggests that a key component is to partner. Peggy and Terri Lewis, director of digital for power generation, Caterpillar, talk about connecting product with people. She shares that the transformation is in the process and changing business. Further, she says Caterpillar spends a lot of time watching how people operate and identify the transformation in the process. She also talks about her experience visiting a diamond mine.

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06.04.19 | Episode 617

Peggy says 5G is going to support the growth of the IoT (Internet of Things) in sectors like retail and manufacturing. She explains how 5G is going to disrupt manufacturing and help the factories of tomorrow derive insights from operational intelligence, pointing to specific examples of how 5G can help.

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05.28.19 | Episode 616

Peggy says the growing demand for low latency is not the only reason we need 5G. It will add jobs, add to the GDP, and lower latency by a factor of a 100 over the current 4G. However, there are going to be many hurdles that need to be overcome like hardware, infrastructure, and software. She says to make the move we have to start taking the steps now.

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05.21.19 | Episode 615

Peggy says safety has to be a priority when creating AVs (automated vehicles) and partnerships are focused on shortening the time between now and the age of autonomy. She shares examples of partnerships and projects that are going to help put more AVs on the road. She adds that we need to talk about new ways to test the technology and work together as a community to bring it to fruition safely.

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05.14.19 | Episode 614

Peggy gives some examples of how smart-city competitions can open the doors for greater ideas. She shares how the IoT (Internet of Things) can go a long way in helping cities address pain points and enable better decisionmaking. She also identifies how partnerships are key in furthering the reach in smart cities.

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05.07.19 | Episode 613

Peggy talks about urbanization and how technology is going to support population growth, pointing to examples such as monitoring water quality, air quality, and pollution level. She digs into a movement called Cittaslow, which is the idea that slowing down is better when it comes to quality of life in a city. She explains that we need to deploy purposeful solutions that keep the end goal in mind and that for smart cities, the end goal is creating livable places where people can thrive.

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