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Oct 17, 2018

Peggy chats with Ben Dolmar, director of software development, The Nerdery, about how people getting into the IoT space look at technology and what they could do. He suggests looking at the needs and the workflow—and then measuring and streamlining. When you go to bring something like this to market, start with a plan and then do research, he says, and next test with groups of people. Then as the build out happens, have a plan for how to maintain a rollout. Further, he talks about machine learning and how it can help automate simple tasks, but there is still human value at the end of it. He suggests there are places where AI (artificial intelligence) may or may not take over a process, but we will end up with new jobs when we automate processes. Today, a big part of what we get out of the IoT is more sophisticated solutions to capture and process a lot more data.