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Dec 15, 2021

Peggy celebrates 750 episodes of the show by exploring technology: past, present, and future. She says we have made a lot of progress in the past decade-plus since the show first launched and that we can’t simply look to the future. Rather, we need to consider our past, present, and future. We need to look back to look forward.

She also discusses:

  • Some of the top technologies from the year 2008.
  • What the “ghost of technology present” would see today.
  • What is predicted for the years ahead, narrowing in on artificial intelligence and digital twins. 

(12/14/21 - 750)

IoT, Internet of Things, Peggy Smedley, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, digital transformation, cybersecurity, blockchain, 5G cloud, sustainability, future of work, podcast